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Profile of Mr Albert Teo Chin Kion (Managing Director)

A graduate in Economics (Honours) from the University of London in 1977, Albert Teo has been in the tourism industry for the last thirty six years.

Over the three decades, he has been a hotelier, tour operator, lodge and backpacker owner and operator, photographer, author, publisher, conference organizer, ecotourism consultant, speaker, lecturer and social entrepreneur. Albert is presently working on designing and building two new ecolodges in Sabah. (Read more)

The Management Team (Kota Kinabalu)

Baton Bijamin (General Manager / Director)

Baton Bijamin

Mr. Baton Bijamin is perhaps the muscle behind the formation of Borneo Eco Tours in 1991, and subsequently the Sukau Rainforest Lodge in 1995. Naturally gifted with determination, a cool sense of vision, an immeasurable amount of hope and a knack for industrious management, Baton was instrumental in the setting-up both establishments alongside the owner of the company Mr. Albert Teo. Coming from a humble background, Baton rose from one success to another to bring Borneo Eco Tours to where it is today; one of the biggest and most successful inbound tour companies of its kind in Borneo with multiple international tourism awards. With a stronghold in Eco Tourism policies and green practices, Borneo Eco Tours will continuously grow under the skilled management of Baton.

Baton believes that “Success is a journey, not a destination” , which is a sure testament of continuous development, both personally and for the company.

Susan Soong (Assistant General Manager / Director)

Baton Bijamin

Susan, after Baton holds one of the longest stint records with Borneo Eco Tours. Her career with the company started mid 1993 and right up to today. That is why she is very fond of her career which is in line with her passion for travelling. Her strength would be in her knowledge on operational and procedural strategies of the company, as she has had in-depth exposure to all departments as well as the industry. It is by fact her loyalty that makes Susan outshine from the rest. Her positive disposition coupled with a sharp sense of logic, and backed by years of experience has made her an asset and a friend to all here at Borneo Eco Tours. She is also currently holding the position of General Manager of Borneo Backpackers, which was established in 2004. Susan is also a keen backpacker who has explored many countries in Europe, Oceania, Middle East and Asia. She is also the Past President of Sabah Backpacker Operator Assocation which was established in 2007.

Timothy Teo (Director)

Baton Bijamin

Graduating from UNSW, Sydney with a Bachelor of Engineering Civil (Hons1) in 2007 and a Masters of Engineering Science in 2008, Timothy worked for four years as a Consultant at Evans & Peck Pty Ltd, Sydney before returning to Malaysia. Timothy looks after all development projects in Sukau and Kudat as project manager. Technically savvy, Timothy drives the online digital marketing at BET and is responsible for keeping watch of the accounts. The spirit of Excellence drives him to continuously improve Borneo Eco Tours to become a world class organization that will continue to thrive into the next era.

Leslie Lau (Senior Operation Manager)

Baton Bijamin

Leslie Lau holds the fort for Borneo Eco Tours' operation. Backed by many years of service in similar field, Leslie holds firm to the philosophy 'walking the extra mile' which keeps him occupied with meticulous daily monitoring of the operation to ensure comfortable, safe and on time delivery of service to our guests.

The Management Team (Sandakan)

Fernando D. Rulloda (Sandakan Branch Manager)

Baton Bijamin

Fernando began as a van captain, and held various roles as tourist guide, head guide, naturalist. With his passion and consistency to excellence, he moved up the rank to Operation Manager and Lodge Manager of Sukau Rainforest Lodge during his tenure with our group of companies. His commitment, passion and extensive experience in Eco-tourism and leadership skills will be most helpful to spearhead, monitor, and ensure a smooth operation with our team in Sandakan.

Landrito M. Lerado (Operation Supervisor)

Baton Bijamin

Landrito or better known as Bingo, has been serving in the tourism industry for over 18 years. Bingo first started as a tour guide and had mustered a great deal of work experience through various supervisory and managerial positions. He is deeply passionate about going the extra mile to ensure our operation is smooth, above all, assuring your holiday in Sandakan a pleasant one.

The Specialist Guides (Kota Kinabalu)

Osman Assan

Baton Bijamin

Year Joined the Company: 1993

Professional License: Blue Badge

Osman has been our tour guide for almost two decades. Osman's main interest is bird-watching. He also conducts a lot of guiding for nature, culture and other tour categories. Osman's motto is 'work hard and stay healthy'. With his expertise and interest in exchanging ideas with people from diverse backgrounds, it is not a surprise that he gets increased number of personal requests from guests to reuse his service.

Adrian Chin

Adrian Chin

Year Joined the Company: 1999

Professional License: Blue Badge

Adrian joined us on 24th May 2001 and has been an outstanding tourist guide throughout his worthwhile service with us. Adrian understands his clients very well and he does his best not just to meet his clients’ expectation but to exceed their expectation. Adrian has his unique skill in interpreting the tour. “Loud and clear” and “friendliness” are the best words to describe his ability to capture his audience’s interest. Adrian specializes in botanical and bird watching tours. His knowledge also ranges to cultural aspects. He is able to add zest to his interpretation thus making his clients more cheerful during the tour. Adrian always embraces his motto “Sure and Steadfast”.

Sheila Lukide-Kanda

Sheila Lukide

Year Joined the Company: 2007

Professional License: Green Badge

Medicinal plants and culture is Sheila's cup of tea. She is very friendly and makes travellers feel at ease the moment she welcomes them. For two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010, she was the winner of Peregrine's Tour Leader Award and stands firm on her belief 'willing to pursue the dream'. Apart from guiding, Sheila's interest includes reading and cooking.

The Specialist Guides (Sandakan)

Jumaidi bin Amil Hassan

Jumaidi Assan

Professional License: Green Badge

Backed by many years of experience in professional guiding, Jumaidi is an ideal guide for your wildlife, nature or birding tours. Jumaidi is best remembered as both a friendly guide and companion. Always beaming with smile, Jumaidi assures there is tonnes of information for you during his guiding. His motto is 'Never give up, just do the best'.

Hazwan bin Suban

Hazwan bin Suban

Professional License: Green Badge

Hazwan was born in the coastal city of Sandakan in 1982, attended High School before obtaining his Tour Guide license. He has been guiding for 9 years, based at the Uncle Tan's Wildlife Camp before joining Borneo Eco Tours in 2005. Hazwan has seen 345 of Borneo's bird species and is particularly interested in their calls and songs. The elusive Bornean Ground-Cuckoo of swampy forests is his favourite bird. In addition to birds, Hazwan is also fascinated by Borneo's terrific diversity of mammals.

The Sales Team


From left : Dwana, Jeremy, Cindy, Hanif, Nelly, Jistasika, Nicollete, Jay, Nasatia & Jackry.

Updated on : 8 April 2014