Since 1995, numerous international internship students joined Borneo Eco Tours to experience themselves our very own system of running a world-class tourism company in the heart of Borneo Island. "Why Borneo ? and Why Borneo Eco Tours?" - these are the questions repeatedly asked by our colleagues in response to the increasing number of international students who travelled thousands of miles from home to this little known part of the world.

Any candidates with relevant skills are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates must go through minimum 5 months internship and job criteria depending on your skills. Excellent opportunity for cultural and knowledge exchange while simultaneously allowing you to explore Borneo and its friendly people.

For application or enquiry on internship program, you may submit your email to:

Read what some of our former trainees and volunteers had to say:


Norsaqilah Binti Mohd Amirul
UiTM Melaka

Januray 2018

The word to describe BET is lovely! As an intern in IT/Marketing department, I learned a lots especially in programming and some Marketing stuffs. The internship program provided for me who's study in Computer Science it's 100% related to my courses. Thanks my BET family, I'm going to miss you all!

Filipa Gomes
Escola Superior Agraria de Coimbra, Portugal

April 2017

I'm deeply thankful to Borneo Eco Tours for an internship opportunity within one of the richest and most valuable biodiversity spots in the world. Sabah is amazing and BET makes a true effort to keep its integrity. As an Ecotourist and Ecotourism student, I felt really happy to have found a tour operator with such a great vision and commitment towards environmental protection and local development. To cooperate with BEST Society in capacity building projects - working directly with local communities - made of my internship an irreplaceable experience. The Sukau Rainforest Lodge, where I passed half of my internship, is a true example of an ecotourism business and a pioneer in sustainable development. I thank to all for allowing me to boost my leadership skills and for supporting my environmental projects. Last but not least, I must say the staff makes the house and everyone is extremely friendly. I went without expectations, I came with a full heart. Thank you!

Lieke Landman
NHTV Breda, Netherlands

June 2015

From February till June 2015 I had the wonderful opportunity to be an intern at Borneo Eco Tours. It was a great opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge and experience, while working in an international tourism company. Borneo Eco Tours gave me the insight into their ecological business, working method and future ideas. I could say that the way of thinking and acting of the company is inspiring, something we all can learn from.

I was lucky to get the opportunity to work at the sales - and marketing department, and at the same time working on a product development plan for the company. Working on different duties, gave me a lot of knowledge. I have learned how to work within the tourism industry, something I could use for my future work field as well. Nevertheless, I got the opportunity to get a great insight into the beautiful culture of the Sabah. Living in Sabah contributed to a wonderful and real experience. The past few months helped me to develop myself on business and personal level. Something I am very grateful for!

I would like to thank each and every single person in Borneo Eco Tours and Sukau Rainforest Lodge. You made this opportunity the best experience of my life. You made me feel welcome and appreciated from the first moment. You were always available to answer all my questions, about anything. Furthermore, without you I would never get so many local experiences. They always say "Time flies, while having fun". Well, this is only something I can support. The past few months passed by, way too fast and I wish I could stay longer. Once again, thank you so much for everything! I will miss everyone so much, keep in touch!! Terima kasih and jumpa lagi!

Lisa Mundt
HTWG University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz Germany

June 2014

From January to June 2014 I had the extraordinary opportunity to work with Borneo Eco Tours, Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies (BEST) Society and Sukau Rainforest Lodge. It was a great chance to get an insight into a Malaysian company and Malaysian working styles. I learned a lot about the ecotourism industry, the importance of sustainability and capacity building and the enormous impact a single company can have. Working with BEST Society taught me a lot about funding, project management and the difficulties of working with local communities while I got first-hand experience working at Sukau Rainforest Lodge where I gave training and helped improve the information and promotion materials. In addition, I also learned about the tricks of marketing ecotourism packages and the philosophy of eco-friendliness. Furthermore, I got valuable insights in the logistics of planning and conducting a group tour for students in which I was involved as well.

I would like to thank all staff of Borneo Eco Tours, Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies Society and Sukau Rainforest Lodge for making this a precious and unforgettable experience which I will never forget. Not only did I learn more about Malaysian culture but also about the fascinating industry of ecotourism and the implementation of community and environmental projects. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge with me and welcoming me as part of your team for the duration of my internship. I had a wonderful time and hope that we will keep in touch!

Mandy van Os
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda

January 2014

My five months with Borneo Eco Tours were amazing. I have learned and gained so much in these months about the country about working is the touristic work field and I also met so many great and nice people. At my first day at the office I felt already at home. Everyone was so friendly and willing to help me. I wouldn't have mind if I could have stayed another few months, because these past months just flew by. I really am going to miss everyone here and also this beautiful country when I'm back home.

I want to thank Borneo Eco Tours (the office in Kota Kinabalu and the office in Sandakan), Sukau Rainforest Lodge and Borneo Backpackers and especially Jeremy and Susan for their great help and support. Because of their expertise and knowledge I have learned a lot.

Thank you very much once more for this great time and keep up the great work!