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Heart of Borneo by Borneo Eco Tours invites adventure seekers and curious travellers to a unique community-based ecotourism experience that combines the richness of culture, nature and adventure.

The Heart of Borneo is the world’s largest remaining transboundary rainforest where forests still remain intact on the vast island. Being the third largest island in the world, Borneo’s lush rainforests holds approximately 6% of global biodiversity and is home to some of the world’s rarest and unique flora and fauna, including the iconic giant Rafflesia flowers and pitcher plants, Borneo Pygmy Elephants, Orangutans, and Proboscis Monkeys among many others.

In 2007, a programme called the Heart of Borneo (HoB) initiative was established. HoB Initiative is a unique government-led and NGO-supported programme, a joint Declaration initiated by the governments of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The programme aims to conserve the rich biodiversity of the Heart of Borneo for the good and benefit of people who rely upon its lands through a network of protected areas, sustainable management of forests as well as other sustainable land uses.

Our Heart of Borneo tours are aimed to protect and conserve Borneo’s rainforests and its people’s culture through ecotourism efforts and partnerships. Presently, our HoB tours cover Sarawak as its destination but will further expand to destinations in East Kalimantan, Sabah as well as Brunei.

Nestled in the heart of Borneo's world renowned and oldest tropical rainforests, Ba’Kelalan is blessed with sub-tropical all day cool and amazingly fresh weather. The Lun Bawang tribes that inhabit the area are likewise unique in their culture and traditions. It is a land of the friendly smiles from the young and the old. Ba’Kelalan is reachable either by Maswings Twin Otter on regular weekly flights OR by driving on 4WD through a timber road. This is one of the most beautiful place, peaceful with all its hidden treasures.

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Adventure awaits for you as you get back in time where walking was the means of getting anywhere (although there are 4WDs as transportation to go around nowadays). Located in the north-eastern corner of Sarawak is the famous Bario Highland, a Kelabit territory, one of the minority Orang Ulu tribes of Sarawak. The journey will takes you to the heart of Borneo while passing by villages with its own historical tales.

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Reveal the mystical Maliau Basin - one of Malaysia's finest remaining wilderness areas. It is one of the world's great reserves of biodiversity with almost unbelievable genetic richness. Stay at the Maliau Basin Study Centre (MBSC) and experience the wonders of primary tropical forest. This is the best place in Borneo to take a glimpse of the lost world of Borneo.

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We take you deep into the heart of Borneo with our very own 4WDs. Adventure at its most rugged best, Maliau Basin will not cease to amaze you. Virgin Borneon rainforests, magnificient waterfalls, Sabah's Lost World. Promotional offer for 5 Days and 4 Nights of tough jungle trekking. Not to be missed!

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Experience the best of the Danum Valley conservation area by staying at the luxury Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Danum Valley has 43,800 hectares of pristine primary virgin rainforest that is host to a plethora of wonderful wildlife, birdlife and insects.

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Just launched. Experience the wildlife and rainforests of the Danum Valley conservation area while staying at the newly opened Kawag-Danum Rainforest Lodge. Danum Valley has 43,800 hectares of pristine primary virgin rainforest that is host to a plethora of wonderful wildlife, birdlife and insects.

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Just launched. Our new Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC) package is designed especially for naturalists and solo travellers who prefer to be as close to nature as possible. Equipped with basic-living amenities, DVFC which is often used as a research centre, makes an ideal accommodation for budget traveller with easy access to exploring one of Borneo’s greatest treasure- Danum Valley. Not forgetting our expert guides, who are sure to make your trip extra special with their knowledge-sharing and warm-outgoing personality!

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