UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kinabalu Park, about 90 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu, is one of the world's most significant natural environments. The park is located at 1,585 metres above sea level and is the main starting point for the summit trail that leads to the top of Mount Kinabalu. It covers an area of 75,370 hectares surrounding Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia with 4,095.2 metres height. Kinabalu Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000 – the first in Malaysia for its “outstanding universal values” and its role as one of the most important Biological Sites in the world.

The presence of Mount Kinabalu is one of the contributing factors to the wide variety of animal, bird, insect and plant life found in the park. The terrain ranges from lush, green rainforest at the park’s lowest altitudes, while further up the mountain, rhodendron and coniferous forest is prevalent. At the highest altitudes, stunted plant growth and small marsupials survive in a harsh environment. Orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants are among the park’s most famous plants, although they are rare along the park’s most worn tourist trails. However, they are all on display in a botanical walk near the park headquarters where visitors can view some of the area’s most beautiful flora.

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