Nature and Wildlife Reserve

Tabin Wildlife is a nature preserve in Sabah, eastern Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Tabin comprises a rectangular area of approximately 122,539 hectares in the centre of the Dent Peninsula, northeast of Lahad Datu town. Created in the year 1984, Tabin has been declared a Wildlife Reserve primarily on account of the large number of animals inhabiting its forests, some of which are highly endangered.

The three largest mammals of Sabah, namely Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Tembadau are all found within the reserve; nine species of primate are present, as well as three species of cats all of which are on the protected wildlife list. Of bird species, 42 families representing 220 species have been recorded. Covered in euryspecies lowland rainforest, Tabin nurtures a colossal number of tropical plants; some of which are rich in medicinal and therapeutic values.

Since the availability of accommodation provided by Tabin Wildlife Resort in 2004, Tabin has gained popularity to be one of the best places in Sabah to observe the rich bio-diversity of nature and to part-take in nature-based activities. One of the highlights of Tabin being the active and mineral-rich mud volcanoes, attracting frequent visits by wildlife for their mineral intake and present an ideal platform for wildlife observation and bird-watching. Amongst the popular activities in Tabin are jungle trekking, night safari, night walk, wildlife spotting, birdwatching, and rainforest education.

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