Located 48 kilometres east of Lahad Datu , Tabin Wildlife Reserve is a nature preserve with an  approximately 122,539 hectares. It was established to conserve the vanishing wild animals of Sabah in 1984. A number of threatened animals such as the Borneo pygmy elephants, Tembadau and rare bird species can be found in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve. This area also covers a broad number of tropical plant species that usually grow in lowland rainforest, including some that are considered having potential medicinal qualities. The Reserves welcomes birding enthusiasts, naturalists, wildlife photographers, trekkers or regular visitors who love to enjoy living with Mother Nature. If you are planning to come to Tabin Wildlife Reserve but you do not know what to do, here’s the top 6 things you can enjoy while exploring the area.

1. Night Safari

This is perhaps the most thrilling and anticipatory experience for those who stay overnight in a wilderness resort of Tabin. The Night Safari is the ideal opportunity for tourists to see the nightly animal, including the clouded leopard and civet cat, which is seen more at night. Some professional guides may participate to share certain information to ensure that guests learn something when they return to the resort.

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2. Jungle Trekking

During day time, join the jungle trekking activity to see how the wilderness in Tabin is like. Learn about the rare species of plants as well as the large trees there. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about some survival tips and tactics in the jungle. There may be a chance to spot some of the animals that are out from their hiding places, looking for food such as the Borneo pygmy elephant and orangutan.

3. Set Foot at The Lipad Mud Volcano

Not many people will expect this but there are several mud volcanoes in this area. The presence of these mud volcanoes is a special aspect of this nature reserve as the minerals that the volcanoes have will create salt lakes that attract a variety of wildlife. Thus the mud volcanoes provide good opportunities for wildlife observation.

4. Bird Watching

Amazing diversity of birds are found in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve. There are 300 bird species can be found in this area. Some rare and native bird species also dwell in Tabin wilderness including the 8 species of hornbill such as the wrinkled hornbill, white-crowned, black, and oriental pied. These birds can be observed from the watching tower close to Lipad Mud Volcano .

5. Nature Photography

Of course this is one of the things visitors should not miss out. Hence, bring along a good camera to capture excellent pictures of the plantation or the animals. If you don’t want to invest more on a digital camera, your phone’s camera can also be used as long as you have something to record amazing discoveries or encounters you will have in Tabin Wildlife Reserve to be kept as a memory.

6. Lipad River and Waterfall

After an exhausting journey through the jungle, take a cool dip in the river that spreads wide creating a deep and calm pool called rock pool. You may as well shower under the revitalizing downpour of the waterfall. Relax and take in the wonderful natural surroundings as you watch the butterflies that feed on flowers that bloom on the banks of the river.

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In Tabin Wildlife Reserve you will get the wonderful taste of nature. Whether you are an animal or nature lover who loves taking pictures of the flora and fauna, or an adventure seeker, this place will not let you down and there will always be an amazing discovery throughout your exploration that gives you unforgettable memories as you say your goodbye to the place and head back home.

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