In getting into the spirit of Christmas this year, some of our team members from Borneo Eco Tours, our sister affiliated company Beauty Borneo Connects and our non-profit division BEST Society visited Care Haven Kota Kinabalu, a home for the less fortunate children and women.

“Care Haven” was first established on August 2003 in Johor Bahru and is founded on a simple principle: “To care for the needy who have been neglected in our community through Christianity and faith.”

Care Haven’s vision is to create a vibrant community of love and care through its efforts in caring for the less fortunate. The centre’s scope is wide and covers all community needs and service gaps. It was in October 2008 that a branch here in Kota Kinabalu was opened to take on more good work in this part of the country.

A total of 13 team members participated in the Christmas visit to Care Haven Kota Kinabalu, and were warmly welcomed by Mr. Chung, Mrs. Annie and Shirley, caretakers of the home as well as its residents.

There, we spent time getting to know the residents and the virtuous work carried out at Care Haven. We were truly amazed by the work that they do there, and though they face many challenges, they have been steadfast in their work of caring for those under their guardianship.

Besides that, we also sang Christmas carols together and thereafter, enjoyed some light refreshments which we brought along to share with everyone.

This Christmas visit was also in conjunction with the recent charity sales organised by Borneo Beauty Connects and BEST Society, which was carried out at Sukau Rainforest Lodge’s souvenir shop Kadai from 14 November 2019 to 13 December 2019.

10% of the sales made at Kadai, which amounted to RM 1484.83 was collected and the money was used to buy necessities and other requested items by Care Haven.

Here’s a list of items bought with the money made from the sale and donated to the home:

  1. KCM air compressor x 1 set
  2. White rice 10kg x 15 bags
  3. Cooking wine x 2 bottles
  4. Cutie Compact Tissue Rolls x 10
  5. Salted beans x 6 packs
  6. Cooking oil 5kg x 1 bottle
  7. Milo 2.2kg x 1 pack
  8. Sugar 1kg x 5 packs
  9. Dishwashing liquid 5kg x 1 bottle
  10. Softlan liquid detergent 3L x 1 bottle
  11. Softlan Passion x 1
  12. Ridsect x 2
  13. Notebooks 10 pcs x 6 sets
  14. Stationaries (erasers, pens, sharpeners)
  15. Kool fever x 3
  16. Food container x 2
  17. Box drinks x 4 cartons

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who contributed to our Christmas Charity Sale! Your kindness and generosity have truly made Care Haven’s Christmas a truly special one. May this season bring you much Love and Light!