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Human-Elephant Conflict in Sabah- The Greatest Threat

  The Conflict and Consequences Elephants, exclusively the Bornean sub-species, are highly regarded as a flagship species for conservation in...

09 January 2023

Borneo Eco Tours’ Christmas Visit to Care Haven Children and Women’s Care Home

In getting into the spirit of Christmas this year, some of our team members from Borneo Eco Tours, our sister affiliated...

18 December 2019

Deramakot Forest Reserve & What You Should Know

The Deramakot Forest Reserve is a lush tropical rainforest area that stretches at 55,507 hectares and is located in the...

18 September 2019

Borneo Eco Tours Moves Towards a Single-Use Plastic Free Environment

Reducing and eliminating dependency on single-use plastic can be quite a challenge, but Borneo Eco Tours is up for it!...

20 April 2019

The Newbie (and Seasoned) Traveller’s Guide to Travelling Responsibly

The world of travel is shifting and a lot has changed since the advent times of travelling. Large-group tours are...

28 January 2019

An Interview with Professor Ross Dowling OAM, Foundation Professor of Edith Cowan University

1. Being highly involved in ecotourism throughout your professional career, how would you say the industry has evolved through the...

11 November 2018

Interview with Ronda Green, Chair of Wildlife Tourism Australia

1. What was it that first sparked your interest in conservation and ecotourism before it became the ‘in-thing’? From early...

25 October 2018

The Pledge Wall: One Small Step Towards #sustainability

Pollution, climate change, exploitation of raw resources, loss of habitat, extinction of species... all of these seem so huge that it sometimes feels like there's nothing we can do against the slow but inevitable destruction of Planet Earth's natural beauty. :( But our actions, no matter how small, matter. Borneo Eco Tours gathered in solidarity one Friday afternoon to put up our pledges - all in the name of sustainability.

20 August 2018