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Unveiling the Wonders of Sabah: Your Guide to Borneo Travel in 2024

Are you an avid traveller seeking a destination that seamlessly combines rich cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled wildlife encounters? Look no further than Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. As we step into 2024, this hidden gem beckons adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers to explore its wonders. Let’s delve into why Sabah should be your top travel destination.

03 January 2024

10 Tips On How To Take Better Photos Of Wildlife In Sukau, Borneo

Have you booked our tour to Sukau yet? If you have here’s some tips for you especially if you’ll be...

16 August 2023

Human-Elephant Conflict in Sabah- The Greatest Threat

  The Conflict and Consequences Elephants, exclusively the Bornean sub-species, are highly regarded as a flagship species for conservation in...

09 January 2023

Get to Know The Borneo Big Five

The Borneo Big 5 are the must-see when you visit Sukau, Kinabatangan. Get to know these magnificent species.

07 October 2022

6 Things To Do In Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Located 48 kilometres east of Lahad Datu , Tabin Wildlife Reserve is a nature preserve with an  approximately 122,539 hectares....

02 November 2020

World Wildlife Day: Which Borneo Big 5 Are You?

  If you haven’t already seen The Borneo Big 5 in the flesh, you can when you visit Sukau, Kinabatangan....

28 February 2020

Helson Hassan, Hornbill Bird Protector and Conservationist

The story about Helson Hassan is quite a remarkable one and his journey to becoming a conservationist is nothing short...

15 October 2019

Deramakot Forest Reserve & What You Should Know

The Deramakot Forest Reserve is a lush tropical rainforest area that stretches at 55,507 hectares and is located in the...

18 September 2019

Borneo’s Disappearing Wildlife: 5 Endangered Species of the Rainforest [UPDATED ON MARCH 2020]

If you’ve been to Borneo’s tropical jungles, you’ll know they’re a really noisy place! Over 200 species of mammals, 400 birds, 100 amphibians, and 300 fish call them home, after all. But the times are changing, and not for the better. Many of these animals have “vanished”, or forced into deeper parts of the wilderness. And in their absence, parts of the once thriving Bornean rainforest have now fallen silent...

27 March 2019

Discover Sabah in 10 Days For Just USD 1,352 Per Twin Share With Guaranteed Departure!

You’ve packed your bags, you’re all geared up and ready for an adventure of a lifetime in Borneo… but oh...

12 March 2019

Tips For Everlasting Love From the Love Birds of Borneo, the Hornbills

Here in big, beautiful Borneo, there are a couple of wildlife wonders that will come to mind when the topic...

14 February 2019