Safe Travels

Safe & Memorable Holidays in Borneo

Safety Travel

Hello, there!

We can’t wait for borders to reopen so that we can welcome you to beautiful Borneo! With our safety measures in place, know that your holiday with us will not only be memorable, but also one that puts your wellbeing first. Do know that our guidelines are also in place to safeguard our team members as well as our community.

These guidelines may change from time to time due to the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic. So, do visit this page frequently for safety updates from us. We also recommend that you check with your government’s travel advisory before making any travel plans.

Welcoming You for the First Time

  • Our first meeting with you will now include a safety measures briefing by your guide before the start of your tour.

  • Our guide will also be conducting temperature checks and recording your details before you enter our vehicle.

  • Your luggage will be disinfected before they are loaded at the start of the tour.

  • And to show we care, our usual welcome kits will now also include face mask(s) as well as a small bottle of hand sanitiser, which you can refill during your tour with us.

Tours and guiding activities

  • While touring outdoors, our tour guides will be equipped with face shields during guiding activities, which is more comfortable and practical for them while they are doing interpretations for you.

  • The current guidelines today require everyone to wear a face mask while they are out in public places, so you will also be required to wear one when you are visiting these places with us.

  • However, should you prefer to wear a face shield instead of a face mask when outdoors, let us know and we can provide you with one.

  • Borneo Eco Tours will do our best to minimise health and safety risk to all guests such as crowded and confined places, or any other situations that are high-risk.

Public places

  • Your guide will assist you to fill up your details each time you need to register upon entering a public place or place of interest such as a restaurant, conservation centre, museum and other attractions.


  • During mealtimes, our guides will make sure that you are seated socially distant from others so that you can enjoy your meal in a comfortable yet safe environment.

  • Borneo Eco Tours will ensure that all meal venues adhere to responsible and safe dining service.

Personal Hygiene

  • To ensure that you have access to cleaning agents for proper personal hygiene, we have prepared alcohol-based hand sanitisers in our vehicles for you to use. You can also refill your own hand sanitiser bottles in our vehicle should you run out.

  • However, we will encourage you to also wash your hands frequently with soap and water at places where this is possible.

5) Emergency Protocol
  1. If a guest falls ill during their time with us, especially with these symptoms, they will need to inform their guide immediately:

  2. i. Fever
    ii. Cough
    iii. Chills
    iv. Sore throat
    v. Muscle aches
    vi. Sudden loss of taste or smell
  3. In the unfortunate event that they feel unwell, our team will;

  4. i. Immediately facilitate for guest to get tested for Covid-19.
    ii. Isolate their immediate travel companions from the rest of the guests.
    iii. Ensure that any quarantine requirements are as comfortable for our guest as possible.
    iv. Seek regular medical updates for the guest and their travelling group.
    v. Assist them in making any amendments in the event that their travel is disrupted to minimise any loss to them.