Safety Measures

Covid-19 Safety & Health Precautions At Borneo Eco Tours

safety measures

Here at Borneo Eco Tours, we are arming ourselves with the necessary SOPs during as well as post Covid-19 as a precaution in safeguarding our guests, team members and our community.

This document is prepared to provide a general guideline for an effective management of Infectious Disease, while being able to resume our business operations as usual with certain precautionary actions taking place. However, due to the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic, these guidelines may change from time to time. Do visit this page frequently for safety updates from us.

(Disclaimer: This is ONLY A GENERAL GUIDELINE. In case of any discrepancies, ALL GUIDELINES OR RECOMMENDATIONS by the Ministry of Health (MOH) shall take precedence)

Tour Guides and Captains

  1. Our Tour Guides, Captains and Boatmen will undergo a training on the SOPs before they resume their duties.

  2. They will go through a Covid-19 screening to confirm that they are Covid-19 free before they resume their duties.

  3. They must do a self-check-up daily, such as a temperature check before going on tour.

  4. Guests will be briefed by our Guides about our SOPs upon their arrival and be reminded about taking precaution from time to time during the tour by the Guide on duty.

  5. Our team will always be practicing good hygiene such as washing hands frequently with soap and water.

  6. Our team will be vigilant at all times about the health condition of our guests.

  7. Our Guides are to ensure movement of our guest is thoughtfully considered to avoid all high-risk infectious area.

Our Vehicles

  1. Vehicles and boats will be cleaned and disinfected daily. For our vans and coaches, cleaning and disinfecting will be done before, during and at the end of every tour. Boats will be disinfected before the start of the journey and after guests disembark.

  2. During tours, social distancing will be taken into account, and some of our vehicles and boats will have reduced capacity:

  3. i. 10-seater van 5 guests 1 guide 1 captain
    ii. 26-seater coach 24 guests 1 guide 1 captain
    iii. 12-seater shuttle boat 6 guests 1 guide 1 captain
    iv. 8-seater river boat 7 guests 1 guide
  4. Face masks, thermometer, hand sanitisers and disinfectants are ready and available in our vehicles and boats during every tour.

  5. During boat journeys and river cruises, guests will be assigned a life jacket which they can wear throughout the duration of their tour with us. Life jackets will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before being provided to our guests.

Preventive Care

  1. All preventive care equipment such as face mask, hand sanitiser, hand soap, thermometer and other necessary items shall be provided by the respective unit/ division.

Personal Care Recommendation

  1. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing

  2. Maintain good indoor ventilation

  3. Avoid sharing food, crockery, utensils and other personal hygiene items.

  4. Maintain good personal hygiene, including hand washing with soap and water, or the use of alcohol-based hand rubs

  5. Proper hand washing requires soap and water. The constant rubbing action helps soap break down the grease and dirt that carry most germs. Washing your hands for at least 15 to 30 seconds with soap and water does not just make your hands smell fresh but also reduces germ count by up to 99%.

Emergency Protocol

  1. If a guest falls ill during their time with us, especially with these symptoms, they will need to inform their guide immediately:

  2. i. Fever
    ii. Cough
    iii. Chills
    iv. Sore throat
    v. Muscle aches
    vi. Sudden loss of taste or smell
  3. In the unfortunate event that they feel unwell, our team will;

  4. i. Immediately facilitate for guest to get tested for Covid-19.
    ii. Isolate their immediate travel companions from the rest of the guests.
    iii. Ensure that any quarantine requirements are as comfortable for our guest as possible.
    iv. Seek regular medical updates for the guest and their travelling group.
    v. Assist them in making any amendments in the event that their travel is disrupted to minimise any loss to them.