Bako Wildlife Trek


Visit Bako National Park and experience the oldest and smallest National Park in Sarawak. Spot beautiful flora and fauna along the trek in the park such as dipterocarp trees, pitcher plants, Silver Leaf Langurs, monitor lizards and many more! If you are lucky you can even spot the Proboscis Monkey, endemic to Borneo.

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Our tour will take you by road to Kampung Bako and boat to the Bako National Park, located 38 km from Kuching City. Our experienced guide will lead you through selected trails to explore the oldest and smallest National Park in Sarawak. Observe an amazing array of diverse tropical vegetation and wild-life, including such species as Dipterocarp trees, pitcher plants, mangrove forests and 'Padang' or bush type vegetation. Along the trail, a chance to see silver leaf langurs, long tailed macaques, monitor lizards, wild boar, hornbills and many other species of birds, but the star attractions of the park are the rare Proboscis monkeys, found exclusively in Borneo. For lunch, you may opt for Malay or local food in the park canteen before heading back to Kuching. (Lunch)

Not recommended during the months of December to February due to rough sea conditions.

Please bring along comfortable light clothing, sandal, drinking water bottle, a sun hat, sun block lotion, poncho and some insect repellent.

MYR 383 per person

Valid till 31 March 2018.

All rates are inclusive of 6% GST.


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