Newly added tours for those who love Borneo cultures. Get to know the essence of different tribes in Borneo, its delicacies and traditional homes. You will be guided to little huts and see yourself the demonstration of traditional villagers doing their daily routines.

RM 180.00/pax


This very unique homestay offers basic and peaceful accommodation with calming views of lush green paddy fields, forests and undulating mountain ridges. Treat yourself a perfect and ideal gateway and soak yourself in the ambience of natural grandeur in this unforgettable journey to the valley of the mist, the Kiulu Valley.

RM 350.00/pax

A unique and completely off the tourist radar experience, Kiulu Farmstay is situated at Kiulu River, worthwhile for any travelers interested in becoming immersed in the local life of the Sabahans. This beautiful farmstay is a community based ecotourism project that acts as a catalyst for community development and capacity building. Tucked away in a beautiful valley with a selection of activities offered, this is a perfect holiday tailored for everyone.

RM 500.00/pax

Take a day trip to learn about the people and their culture as you immerse yourself in their way of life and traditions. Let all your tension and worries melt away as you soak in Kiulu’s modest beauty of lush paddy fields, charming farms, revitalizing forests and rolling emerald mountains. It’s an enlightening day trip that would leave you coming back for more.

RM 150.00/pax

Be enamored by the local cultures of Sabah. On this tour, we explore the fascinating Rungus tribe in Kudat and their longhouses and unique music and dances. We also visit the northenmost tip of Borneo, Simpang Mengayau followed by a swim at a nearby location. Overnight in an actual longhouse followed by rubber tapping and the option to cycle the next day.

RM 600.00/pax

Situated by the Kiulu River is the beautiful Kiulu Farmstay, a community based ecotourism project that acts as a catalyst for community development and capacity building. Stay in this rustic ecolodge and enjoy a variety of outdoor adventure activities. No matter what type of getaway you seek – whether it is a romantic couples retreat, an educational family holiday filled with unforgettable memories or a group getaway, Kiulu Farmstay is the place to be.

RM 350.00/pax