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Day Trips

Visiting Borneo, with only a day or so to spare for exploring? Thankfully, there’s lots you can do in just a day with these richly-packed mini tours! Fall in love with the charm of seaside Kota Kinabalu, discover Sandakan’s breathtaking heritage, or explore Kiulu Valley, where time appears to have stood still with its pristine rivers, paddy fields, and villages.

Let us take you on a journey of discovery around Kota Kinabalu. This 3.5 hour journey is packed with the latest sights and cultures of Kota Kinabalu c..

MYR 137.00per person
Day Tour BB1F

Experience Sandakan Heritage like never before by visiting the breathtaking panoramic view of Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple and explore the unique offe..

MYR 138.00per person
Day Tour BB3B

Take a day trip to learn about the people and their culture as you immerse yourself in their way of life and traditions. Let all your tension and worr..

MYR 175.00per person

Get a taste of local Sabahan culture with a day trip to the Bamboo Huts, beautifully crafted homes built amidst the beautiful Bornean jungle and count..

MYR 303.00per person

A must-try for both adrenaline junkies and culture lovers! Experience the beautiful winding roads, golden paddy fields, emerald rolling hills, and cry..

MYR 365.00per person

Kiulu Valley

Hidden under the mist, Kiulu Valley remains rich in the heritage of both its people and environment; it’s the site of our community-based eco-tourism project Kiulu Farmstay, which is situated by a beautiful river, as well as several authentic bamboo huts built by local villagers. And the best thing? It’s all just an hour drive away from Kota Kinabalu city!

Situated by the Kiulu River is the beautiful Kiulu Farmstay, a community based ecotourism project that acts as a catalyst for community development an..

MYR 438.00per person twin share

A unique and completely off the tourist radar experience, Kiulu Farmstay is situated at Kiulu River, worthwhile for any travelers interested in becomi..

MYR 650.00per person twin share

Perched beside a gentle waterfall and river that runs deep into the forest, the Bamboo Huts give you an amazing view of both the Bornean jungle and it..

MYR 478.00per person twin share

Hidden beside a beautiful waterfall alcove and lying next to gorgeous crystal river, homes made of earthly bamboo beckon. Immerse yourself in the surr..

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Cultural Villages

What better way to experience Borneo’s incredibly diverse ethnic tribes and their culture than to visit their traditional homes? Enjoy Sabah or Sarawak’s local delicacies, take part in ancient traditions, and marvel at acrobatic feats and performances on an exciting guided tour through their tribal villages.

Get to know the essence of different tribes in Borneo, its delicacies and traditional homes. You will be guided to little traditional huts and see you..

MYR 195.00per person

Sarawak's affectionately named Cultural Village "Living Museum", experience both the diverse multi-ethnic culture and nature of Sarawak here at the fo..

MYR 210.00per person

Sarawak Longhouse Experience

Immerse yourself in the unique and beautiful traditions of Sarawak’s Dayak tribes! Whether you’re venturing deep into the heartland of the Iban people along Lemanak River, trekking through one of the oldest forests in Borneo at Batang Ai, or visiting Sarawak’s “Living Museum” at the foothills of Mount Santubong, you’ll be entranced by the locals’ food, dances, and way of life.

An exploration beginning in Kuching that takes you into the heartland of the Iban tribe along the Lemanak River. Be immersed in their culture and way ..

MYR 1,035.00per person twin share

Experience the local life at the Delok Longhouse! Meet the locals, listen to their stories and try out local delicacies. Walk in the forest to see bea..

MYR 2,048.00per person twin share

This trip takes you deep into the Sarawak heartland, exploring the nature and rich authentic culture and people here. It includes a visit to the Semen..

MYR 1,740.00per person twin share

Similar to the Mulu Pinnacles trail, only that after ascending the pinnacles we proceed to journey across landscape by an old headhunters trail throug..

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Local Living

Want to know what it feels like to be a local in one of Borneo’s beautiful remote locations? Whether it’s among the paddy fields and rolling emerald hills of Kiulu Valley or high up at the foothills of mighty Mount Kinabalu, where the air is cool and brisk, you’ll no doubt experience the warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage of your host family.

This very unique homestay offers basic and peaceful accommodation with calming views of lush green paddy fields, forests and undulating mountain ri..

MYR 438.00per person twin share

Guas Nabalu Homestay welcome you to discover the beautiful region of Kg Kiau, with its magnificent view of Mt Kinabalu and many cultural and adventure..

MYR 1,020.00per person twin share

Guas Nabalu Homestay welcome you to discover the beautiful region of Kg Kiau, with its magnificent view of Mt Kinabalu and many cultural and adventure..

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Cultural Safaris

Highly recommended for families, including those with young children! Sate your desire for authentic Bornean culture with these value for money cultural safaris, tailored for travellers who wish to fully explore this charming part of the world! All against a backdrop of amazing locations ranging from the cityscapes of Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, and Kuching to incredible cultural villages, beaches, caves, mountains, and rainforests.

13D12N BB10D

One-off exploratory tour from Kuching to Sukau. Combines a city tour, a visit to Iban longhouses, caves in Mulu, the tropical island in Kota Kinabalu,..

MYR 7,817.00per person twin share

From the cityscapes of Kota Kinabalu to white sand beaches, mountain forests and mystical floodplains- Experience Borneo’s highlights in comfort. De..

MYR 5,520.00per person twin share
10D9N PR02

Discover the rainforest, the island, the culture, the jungle, the wildlife all in one itinerary of 10 spectacular days with your pack. Stay comfortabl..

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