hotel package

A daytrip exploring the Kinabalu Park World Heritage Site and learning about the rich flora including the flowering rhododendrons, pitcher plants, orchids, ferns, montane trees and the multitude of montane birds. Lunch included.

RM 175.00/pax

Take a day trip to explore the few simple wonders of Crocker Range. First stop, learn about the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia at the Rafflesia Information Centre located on the edge of Crocker Range’s forest reserve. Seek out for the buds and bloom of the parasitic flower as you trek along the trails. Thereafter, head to Mahua Waterfall where you are welcome to take a dip in the refreshing cool waters, or further explore deeper into the nearby forest reserve in search of some birdlife.

RM 175.00/pax

If you are keen on trying out something new – why not head over to Kota Belud’s very own underwater world of Usukan Bay? This untouched and fairly undiscovered jewel with its enchanting coral reefs certainly will not disappoint.

RM 265.00/pax

Just one and a half hour from Kota Kinabalu, cruising along the Tempasuk River will give you a glimpse of one of Sabah’s icons, the Proboscis Monkey! Along the cruise, you can observe the life of the local villagers there. A dramatic view of the sunset also awaits you at the end. Then, end the day with an unforgettable sight of the riverbanks glowing in the dark, lit up by hundreds of fireflies.

RM 213.00/pax


Our Newest Tour! Experience the beautiful Kiulu country side just 1.5hr outside Kota Kinabalu in a unique way, riding a quad bike! Enjoy the scenic drive up and down rolling hills, traversing rivers and quaint villages amongst some of the best paddy field landscapes in Borneo. Your guide will stop along the way to share about the life of its people and fauna. A guided scenic adventure unlike anywhere else in Borneo.
RM 250.00

RM 200.00/pax

Huge price reduction. Our top-selling day trip covering both the Kinabalu Park World Heritage Site and the Poring Hotsprings. You won't have time to be bored as you explore the Kinabalu mountain gardens, learning about the fascinating plants all around you and experience Poring hot springs with either a dip at a Hot Springs bath or balance yourself on the treetop canopy walks.
RM 263.00

RM 150.00/pax

Our very own no-frills wildlife tour perfect for those on a daytrip to Sandakan or those who have very little time to spare. Experience two of Borneo's exotic wildlife, the Orang-Utan at Sepilok Rehabilitation Center and the Borneo Sunbear at the Sepilok Borneon Sunbear centre. A half day tour led by our highly experienced wildlife guides who will share their wealth of knowledge on two of Borneo's critically endangered species.
RM 160.00

RM 120.00/pax

A full day in Sandakan that starts with Orang Utans at Sepilok and Borneon Sun Bear Centre before visiting the Australian War Memorial and thereafter lunch. Proceed for a visit to the Rainforest Discovery Center in the afternoon to visit the canopy walkway and their excellent interpretation center.

RM 200.00/pax

A day tour featuring the best primate viewings in Sandakan. Start the day at Labuk Bay reservation area where indigenous primate life is particularly rich including the iconic Proboscis Monkey and also on occasion the Silver Leaf Langur. We'll then proceed to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre to learn about the plight of the Orang Utan and efforts to save and rehabilitate them as well as added tour to Bornean Sun Bear Centre.

RM 300.00/pax

Immerse yourself in a nature trek in Gaya Island, located 30-minutes by speedboat from Kota Kinabalu. Explore one of the island's jungle trails before enjoying a picnic lunch by the beach. Relax, snorkel and free at leisure before returning at 3pm.

RM 245.00/pax


Completely revamped. Let us take you on a journey of discovery around Kota Kinabalu. This 3.5 hour journey is packed with the latest sights and cultures of Kota Kinabalu covering scenic views from Signal Hill and Tanjung Lipat, cultural excursions inside the majestic City Mosque and the Puh Toh Tze Buddhist Temple in Likas and historical sites at the Australia Place. End the day learning about Kota Kinabalu's unique history, its peoples and heritage at the Sabah Museum.

RM 118.00/pax

A tour beginning at dusk to Signal Hill for an overview of Kota Kinabalu before proceeding to the night market. Relax as your guide introduces you to the local way of life. Dinner at a local restaurant included.

RM 158.00/pax

Spend the day swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, water sporting at surreal island beaches just off Kota Kinabalu. Transfer to jetty and therafter by speedboat to Mamutik island which has one of the best corals in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park whilst avoiding the crowds.

RM 206.00/pax

Newly added tours for those who love Borneo cultures. Get to know the essence of different tribes in Borneo, its delicacies and traditional homes. You will be guided to little huts and see yourself the demonstration of traditional villagers doing their daily routines.

RM 180.00/pax

Experience the most unforgettable journey to the Kiulu Valley - the Valley in the Mist. Learn about the people and their culture and immerse yourself in their traditional life activities. Surround yourself with the lush green paddy fields with charming farms, forests and undulating mountain ridges - a perfect and ideal retreat to soak in the ambience of natural grandeur.

RM 150.00/pax

Just off Kota Kinabalu is the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park where you'll enjoy 2 boat dives to view Sabah's unique marine life.

RM 360.00/pax

River rafting suitable for beginners, this calm and mild river has a few rapids along the way, but for the most part enjoy the view as you pass by rubber estates, orchards, paddy fields and isolated Dusun villages. Ideal for family groups (Grade 1-2).

RM 190.00/pax

White water rafting for the adventurous at heart featuring lots of "heart-stopping" thrills, fun and excitement. This rafting experience has lots of rapids, whirlpools and bumps and has a Water Grade of 3-4, 5 being the highest.

RM 240.00/pax

A cycling tour in Tamparuli, just 45 minutes from Kota Kinabalu. The day ride takes you through the heartland of the Dusun people; small riverside villages, jungle plantations and onto the coastal plains, ending up with a traditional lunch.

RM 290.00/pax

0900 -1230hrs
1400 - 1730hrs

Experience Sandakan Heritage like never before by visiting the breathtaking panoramic view of Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple and explore the unique offering's of Sim Sim Water Village. A stroll down Sandakan War Memorial will bring emotional memories while a visit to Sandakan popular town markets will surely satisfy your appetite for food items such as fish, snacks, fruits, and other consumer products.

RM 118.00/pax