Nestled in the heart of Borneo's world renowned and oldest tropical rainforests, Ba’Kelalan is blessed with sub-tropical all day cool and amazingly fresh weather. The Lun Bawang tribes that inhabit the area are likewise unique in their culture and traditions. It is a land of the friendly smiles from the young and the old. Ba’Kelalan is reachable either by Maswings Twin Otter on regular weekly flights OR by driving on 4WD through a timber road. This is one of the most beautiful place, peaceful with all its hidden treasures.

RM 2693.00/pax

Adventure awaits for you as you get back in time where walking was the means of getting anywhere (although there are 4WDs as transportation to go around nowadays). Located in the north-eastern corner of Sarawak is the famous Bario Highland, a Kelabit territory, one of the minority Orang Ulu tribes of Sarawak. The journey will takes you to the heart of Borneo while passing by villages with its own historical tales.

RM 3876.00/pax

Our city tour will take visitors past the main attractions such as the Chinatown, Cat Monument, City Tower for a bird's eye view of Kuching city, the Malay Houses on stilts, Old State Mosque, Main Bazaar, India Street, Gambier Road, Wet Market, Colonial Centre, Textile Museum, Chinese Museum, Sarawak Museum, Kuching Waterfront to view the new ultramodern State Legislative Assembly building, alongside the historical Astana and Fort Margherita.

RM 128.00/pax

Sarawak's affectionately named Cultural Village "Living Museum", experience both the diverse multi-ethnic culture and nature of Sarawak here at the foothills of Mount Santubong, 40 minutes from Kuching. Each indigenous tribe is represented by a traditional home built in that tribe's distinctive architecture and found within is an assortment of handicrafts and skill works of each tribe. Concludes with a cultural performance of all the tribes in an indoor theathre.

RM 210.00/pax

Join a cruise crisscrossing the mouth of the Santubong River in search of the unique Irrawaddy Dolphin. The Irrawaddy dolphin inhabits rivers, estuaries and shallow coastal areas. The dolphins often swim and dive around small fishing boats in the estuary.

RM 360.00/pax

An exploration beginning in Kuching that takes you into the heartland of the Iban tribe along the Lemanak River. Be immersed in their culture and way of life as you eat and sleep (and dance) in their world. Be intrigued by their livelihood and learn about their hunting methods, bamboo cooking lunches and their dependence on the rainforest for everything from their foods to their medicines.

RM 1163.00/pax

This trip takes you deep into the Sarawak heartland, exploring the nature and rich authentic culture and people here. It includes a visit to the Semenggoh Orangutan Centre to witness Orang Utan feeding and two nights stay at Hilton Batang Ai. The days are spent exploring the river by longboat, visiting longhouses and experiencing authentic BBQ by the river lunch cooked in the traditional style using bamboo.

RM 1740.00/pax

Recognized as one of Borneo's World Heritage Site, Mulu Caves will not cease to amaze you at the immensity of this cave system, dubbed the longest cave system in the world by scientists. Certainly one of the best things to do in Borneo and a once in a lifetime experience. Marvel at the different caves systems here, learning about the ecology and geological processes that shapes it.

RM 998.00/pax

A unique Bornean experience awaits you in Sarawak. The main highlight of this tour is the natural Bornean wonder that is Sarawak's Mulu Caves- A World Heritage Site that will leave you amazed with its breathtaking formations and ecology. Take your time to explore the longest cave system in the world at the Mulu National Park and thereafter, visit the Batu Bungan-Penan Settlement where you'll learn about the tribe's way of life and culture.

RM 1525.00/pax

This tour is for the adventurous at heart who long to get off the beaten track and will surely not dissapoint you. A great deal of fitness is required for this tour as it involves a lot of jungle trekking and involves climbing over tree roots, sharp jagged limestone rocks and aluminium ladders as you ascend Mount Api where the limestone pinnacles so famous in Mulu can be found.

RM 2234.00/pax

Similar to the Mulu Pinnacles trail, only that after ascending the pinnacles we proceed to journey across landscape by an old headhunters trail through gentle countryside to Kuala Terikan. From here, we take a boat across river rapids to an authentic Iban longhouse for overnight. Thereafter we depart from either Limbang airport or from Brunei.

RM 3085.00/pax

This 4-hour tour of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei's Capital unfolds part of Brunei's history, heritage, religion, culture and daily lives of the local people.

RM 345.00/pax

For those who love to see a countryside in a different perspective, you will surely enjoy a daytrip of kayaking adventure at Kampung Bengoh. Complete the day with interaction with the locals, enjoying a waterfall, soft kayaking into a mini cave and fish feeding.

RM 300.00/pax

Visit Bako National Park and experience the oldest and smallest National Park in Sarawak. Spot beautiful flora and fauna along the trek in the park such as dipterocarp trees, pitcher plants, Silver Leaf Langurs, monitor lizards and many more! If you are lucky you can even spot the Proboscis Monkey, endemic to Borneo.

RM 398.00/pax

Experience the local life at the Delok Longhouse! Meet the locals, listen to their stories and try out local delicacies. Walk in the forest to see beautiful flora and fauna, maybe you will spot the Orang Utan, swim in the river and enjoy a local BBQ at the riverbank. In three days you get the opportunity to learn more about the culture in an exciting way.

RM 1944.00/pax

Get acquainted with the city through a day trip cycling tour with interpretation from the local guides, passing through Kuching beautiful and historic buildings. Whether you are travelling on your own or in a group, we would love to show you around.

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