Borneo, the Land of the Wild

Borneo spans an incredible 743,330 square kilometres in area, making it the third largest island in the world (and the largest in Southeast Asia!). It’s divided between three countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Malaysia’s Sabah and Sarawak occupy the Northern region with Brunei right between the two states, while Indonesia’s Kalimantan lies to the South.

The island itself is a treasure trove of natural attractions. It is home to some of the world’s oldest rainforests, pristine beaches, roaring rivers, majestic cave systems and mighty mountains – including Mount Kinabalu and its park, a UN World Heritage Site! Such biodiverse habitats mean wildlife is excitingly abundant and varied, with many endemic species such as Bornean Orangutans, Pygmy Elephants, and Proboscis Monkeys.

Borneo In a Glance

Discover Borneo by car, plane, boat, and on foot, with a visit to our jungle-dwelling cousins and majestic caves, heading to Sabah and its islands, the peak of Mount Kinabalu and Borneo's "Lost World".

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