Travel is one of those things that naturally gives rise to queries, concerns and doubts, so we're here to put your mind at ease.


  1. What is the Tourism Tax (TTx)?
  2. How do I pay the TTx?


  1. What is the time zone in Borneo?
  2. Is it safe to travel in Borneo?
  3. When is a good time to visit Borneo?
  4. Will my cell phone work while on Borneo?
  5. What kind of climate should I expect?
  6. Do you cater to dietary requirements?
  7. Do I need a Visa to enter Malaysia?
  8. What is the Malaysian currency?
  9. Is US dollar accepted?
  10. Should I purchase travel insurance before travelling to Malaysia?
  11. What vaccinations will I require?
  12. Is it necessary for me to consume anti-malaria tablets before I go and during my trip to Borneo?
  13. Are airport transfers included?
  14. Are there ATMs available?
  15. Are credit and charge cards widely accepted in Borneo?
  16. What are the public holidays? Will our trip or tours be affected by public holidays?
  17. What kind of electrical travel adaptor will I need?
  18. What are the toilets like in Borneo?
  19. What should I bring along for my trip to Borneo?


  1. Why should I book with Borneo Eco Tours?
  2. Are these trips good choice for solo travelers?
  3. What is a single supplement?
  4. Are tour dates flexible?
  5. Do you offer discounts to children?
  6. What are the accommodations like?
  7. Can you provide me with a list of the hotels we will be staying at?
  8. Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my tour?
  9. Is it best to pre-book the tours or should I wait until I arrive at my destination?
  10. Can I extend and change my stay?
  11. How can I customize my tour?
  12. What happened should I have an emergency, and I can't proceed with the tour? Can I postpone the dates?
  13. How often are the tours conducted?
  14. How far in advance should I make a booking?
  15. What is your group size?
  16. How can I pay for my booking?
  17. What currency do you charge in?
  18. What should I do if I need to change or cancel my booking?
  19. What is your cancellation policy?
  20. Are tour packages booked via refundable?
  21. Can I have an extension of my payment?
  22. Do you offer discounts for children?
  23. Does Borneo Eco Tours promote sustainable tourism?
  24. Are flights arranged by Borneo Eco Tours?
  25. What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring?
  26. Will somebody pick me up from the airport upon arrival? If yes, how will I identify the person when I reach the airport arrival hall?
  27. Do I need to call Borneo Eco Tours if my pick up location changes?
  28. What type of transportation is used?
  29. What are the tour guides like?
  30. What are your operating hours?
  31. How can I contact Borneo Eco Tours?
  32. When is the best time to go on a birding tour?
  33. Are your tours suitable for children?
  34. What are the age restrictions on your tours?
  35. How do I know if your style of touring is right for me?
  36. How physically active are your tours?


  1. How much should I tip?
  2. Is it safe for me to drink tap water in Borneo?
  3. What is included in my tour?
  4. What is NOT included in my tour?
  5. Do you provide luggage storage?
  6. What will the meals be like on my tour?
  7. Is it possible to request the driver to drop me off at a location that is other than the stated destination in the itinerary?
  8. Will we be allowed to opt-out of sightseeing?
  9. How will free-time activities be handled? Will I have free time?
  10. May I smoke on tour?
  11. How can friends and family contact me?
  12. Is there a 24 hours hotline for me to call during an emergency?
  13. What is the number to call if I happen to leave something in the vehicle?
  14. What is the best way of calling home?
  15. What is the Internet access like?
  16. Can I learn to dive?


If you have any other questions regarding our tours and your trip to Sabah, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to provide you with an answer.