Climb Mount Kinabalu - The Highest Mountain in SE Asia

Conquer the heights of Adventure!

One of Southeast Asia's greatest peaks and the tallest, most prominent feature of Borneo Island, is Mount Kinabalu. Revered by locals as a sacred place, many legends surround it, including one about a dragon living atop the mountain! Dragon or no dragon, most people climb the mountain for the challenge, as well as the unimaginably beautiful sight of the sun rising over the horizon once you reach the peak.

The mountain and its surroundings, including the UNESCO World Heritage site Kinabalu Park, are also surrounded by forests teeming with an incredibly rich diversity of flora and fauna. It's also where you can find the Poring Hotsprings, famous for their geothermally-heated pools, and various nature trails including dizzying treetop canopy bridges!

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