Restaurant & Lobby

BRL Lobby and Restaurant

The Restaurant and Lobby is where all meals are served, either buffet style or at your table. We also have a number of other facilities:

  • Gift and souvenir shop
  • Bar
  • Air-conditioned meeting room
  • Cosy lounge areas for simply chilling


Nature Trails

Located around Borneo Rainforest Lodge is a large selection of nature trails. These trails are explored along with your designated guides during the day and the included night walks. Wildlife encounters occur often but can't always be guaranteed.

The main nature trail highlights for most of our guests is a visit to the Kadazan-Dusun Tribal Burial Cliff and taking a dip along the trail in a natural Jacuzzi Pool while enjoying a fish spa.

Nature Trail Map

Surrounding Nature Trails:

  • Belian Trail
  • Coffin Trail
  • Danum Trail
  • East Trail
  • Elephant Trail
  • Ficus Trail
  • Ginger Trail
  • Segama Trail
  • Seraya Trail
  • Takala Trail


Canopy Walkway

Danum Valley Canopy Walkway


Danum Valley Canopy Walkway